Buttonwood Driftwood

Get To Know More about Buttonwood Driftwood for Aquascape

Putting Buttonwood driftwood in the aquarium seems to be a requirement for aquascapers.

The presence of pieces of wood adds natural value to the aquarium and gives an aesthetic impression that is pleasing to the eye.

One type of driftwood that is very popular with aquascapers is the Buttonwood root driftwood.

It is prevalent because it can provide a unique beauty in your aquarium.

What is buttonwood driftwood?

Button wood bonsai is a plant species that is considered less attractive, converted into a bonsai that adds aesthetic and selling value.

Buttonwood root driftwood is a combination of several types of moss and driftwood so that it forms a tree similar to bonsai driftwood.

Those types of moss such as:

  1. Java moss
  2. Christmas moss
  3. Flame moss
  4. Willow moss
  5. Star moss
  6. Peacock moss.

How to get buttonwood root driftwood?

To get buttonwood root driftwood, you can buy it in stores that sell supplies for Aquascape.

But if you want to make your own, there are a few tips you can try.

  1. Remove driftwood from the aquarium, then dry it with a paper towel
  2. Prepare the moss that you will use
  3. Apply a drop of super glue on driftwood, and then put moss on top of it.
  4. Wait for the glue to completely dry, and then put the buttonwood root driftwood bonsai back into the aquarium

Pros of placing a buttonwood root bonsai in an aquarium

  1. Compared to ordinary branch wood, buttonwood gives a natural impression that adds aesthetic value to Aquascape
  2. It gives the appearance of a tree growing underwater
  3. You can also be as creative as you want if you make your buttonwood root driftwood

Cons of having buttonwood root driftwood

Although it is gorgeous, it turns out that there are some drawbacks to this driftwood:

  1. Buttonwood driftwood is not easy to sink, so it takes a long time for its buoyancy
  2. The size is quite large, so it is not suitable for small aquariums

In conclusion

  1. Buttonwood root driftwood is a bonsai moss in an aquarium
  2. You can buy or make your buttonwood root driftwood
  3. Even though it looks beautiful, but you need a giant aquarium for this kind of driftwood

Buttonwood root driftwood is indeed beautiful and pleasing to the eye. But it’s a good idea to choose another driftwood alternative if you only have a small aquarium.