Tree Branches for Driftwood

Best Types of Tree Branches for Driftwood to Decorate Your Aquarium

Aquascape is a medium that can be used to display an underwater ecosystem.

One of the elements that must be in an aquascape is wood.

That’s why aquascapers are looking for the best type of driftwood to decorate their aquarium.

The fact is that not all types of wood can be used and meet the aesthetic elements to become driftwood in the aquarium.

Only a few types of branch wood root driftwood are well-suited to add value to the art of Aquascape.

4 best branch wood root driftwood for aquarium

Some woods are highly recommended as branch wood root driftwood for Aquascape:

1. Coffee root

Because it has many branches, the roots of the coffee tree can also be used for driftwood in aquascapes.

The unique branches in Coffee wood root make it very suitable for driftwood in aquariums.

2. Java wood

This is one of the branch wood driftwood roots that quite popular among Aquascape lovers.

Javanese wood roots have very long branches with quite a lot of them.

Its unique shape makes Java wood roots the best choice for driftwood

3. Manzanita wood

Having many branches that are formed beautifully and naturally, manzanita wood is very suitable for an aquarium.

It’s natural brown color makes this type of wood very popular as branch wood root driftwood.

4. Mesquite wood

This highly aesthetically Mesquite root is quite popular among aquascapers.

Mesquite wood has a smooth texture, many branches, and the ends of the branches are usually pointed beautifully.

Why do you have to choose branches root as driftwood?

There are some reasons why you should choose these branch wood root driftwood for your Aquascape:

  1. Branchwoods have a lot of branches and twigs, makes them very suitable as a miniature tree in the aquarium
  2. It has a beautiful natural texture that adds aesthetic value to your aquarium

What sort of things should be considered when choosing branches for driftwood?

  1. Some types of branch wood, such as mangroves, have high tannins levels, affecting the color of the water in the aquarium.
  2. You also need to control the growth of fungus on branchwood root driftwood
  3. Some types of branch wood-like Mopani are expensive and difficult to get it

In conclusion

Four kinds of branch woods are suitable to decorate the aquarium

  1. Coffee wood
  2. Java  wood
  3. Manzanita wood
  4. Mesquite wood

Choosing branch wood root for driftwood can’t be careless; because, of course, it will affect the beauty and ecosystem in your aquarium.