Cholla Driftwood

Everything You Need to Know About Cholla Driftwood For Aquarium

Putting Cholla driftwood in an aquascape is essential in addition to beautifying the aquascape.

It serves medium for an aquatic plant to grow and a place for the inhabitant to play and hide in your aquarium.

One type of driftwood that is very popular is Cholla wood root driftwood.

It is shaped like a piece of wood with many cavities and fibers. This cavity makes this driftwood look unique and unusual.

Is Cholla wood safe for aquascape?

Of course, Cholla wood is safe for aquariums because it is obtained naturally from plants that initially came from the deserts of North America.

Cholla wood root driftwood is safe for your aquascape as long as it is not soaked and treated with chemicals.

How to prepare Cholla wood for aquascape?

Cholla wood has relatively high tannin content in it, which can change the color of the water to become cloudy and brown.

To fix this, you need to boil Cholla wood root first for 20 to 50 minutes.

Once it’s boiled, you cannot put Cholla wood immediately into the aquarium.

You need to soak the Cholla wood again in clean cold water overnight.

After that, lift and dry, then you can put it in the aquarium.

Some advantages of having Cholla driftwood for your aquascape:

  1. Cholla wood root driftwood is useful for lowering high pH levels in water.
  2. If you keep shrimp in an aquascape, Cholla wood root is the right choice because it can grow bacteria and biofilm as a portion of natural food for shrimp.
  3. Because of its hollow structure, Cholla wood root is very suitable for aquascape inhabitants to breed, eat and hide.

Cons of having Cholla wood root driftwood

  1. The cavities in the Cholla wood root make this type of driftwood take a long time to sink.
  2. Usually, Cholla wood will sink after 2 to 3 days
  3. Compared with other types of driftwood, wood Cholla quickly became obsolete and rotted.
  4. Usually, this driftwood will rot after a few months or one to two years, depending on the thickness.

In conclusion

  1. Cholla wood root driftwood is very safe for aquascape
  2. Don’t forget to reduce the tannin content in this driftwood
  3. Cholla wood root is lovely but very easy to rot and worn out

Cholla wood driftwood has many benefits when placed in an aquarium.

However, you need extra effort so that this type of driftwood can be placed in your aquarium.