Coffee wood root driftwood

Coffee Wood Root, One of the Best Choice for Aquascape’s Driftwood

Not all wood can be put into your aquascape.

The wood that has been chosen must be safe for the aquarium’s inhabitants and have artistic form.

One of them that meets these criteria is Coffee wood root driftwood.

Driftwood from coffee wood roots is one of the most favored by aquascape enthusiasts and one of the best choices that you can try to put into the aquarium.

Why should you choose Coffee wood root driftwood?

Coffee wood root has many branches so that it gives a beautiful and aesthetic impression.

Coffee wood has various shapes and sizes. You can choose which roots that is most suitable to decorate the aquascape.

In addition, Coffee wood driftwood is easier to get, and the price also tends to be cheaper.

Driftwood from coffee roots also has various types and sizes to adjust to the size of your aquarium.

How to prepare coffee root wood for aquascape?

Coffee wood root has a very high content of cambium in it.

That’s why to make it driftwood, there are several processes that you have to go through, such as:

  1. First, clean the coffee roots from the soil that is still attached
  2. After that, boil the coffee root wood in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes
  3. Once it gets cooled, dry the coffee roots in the sun so that the remaining sap and cambium are left to dry.
  4. After the coffee root dries, you need to boil it again for about 2 to 5 minutes
  5. After that, soak the roots with clean and cold water for about three weeks
  6. Your Coffee wood root driftwood is ready to use.

The pros and cons of having Coffee wood root for aquarium


  1. This type of driftwood is easy to get, and the price is also very low
  2. The root has many branches, so it is suitable for miniature trees in the aquascape


Unfortunately, most coffee wood root driftwood tends to float in the water.

To fix this, you must provide ballast so that it sinks quickly into the aquarium

In conclusion:

  1. Coffee wood root driftwood is the right choice because it has a unique shape, has many roots, and varies in size
  2. You need a long time and extra energy to prepare this type of wood as driftwood in aquascapes

The low price and unique shape make the coffee wood root driftwood quite popular.

You can use it as an alternative to driftwood for your aquarium.