Plunge Pool Waterfall

Should You do a Plunge Pool Waterfall Installation at Your Home?

Sometimes, a homeowner is not satisfied with having just a simple plunge pool. They probably think it is too bland and does not add an aesthetic flair to the house. To make their pool prettier, they might consider a plunge pool waterfall installation. 

Working on this installation is not as easy as saying it. The homeowner needs to find more information to gain insights about their project.

Should You do a Plunge Pool Waterfall Installation at Your Home? a Plunge Pool Waterfall Meaning

In the simplest sense, a waterfall means a structure in which water falling from a higher point to the direction of the ground due to gravitational force. 

A waterfall can be a naturally occurring structure. However, when you find it at a home pool, the structure is most likely to be manufactured. You can install it at the side of the pool. 

A natural waterfall is constructed out of natural rocks. Meanwhile, the artificial one can be made out of any sturdy material that can hold the water stream.

Plunge Pool Waterfall Pros

What are the pros of installing a waterfall in your plunge pool? Here are some of them:

1. Providing a therapeutic noise

The sound of a waterfall is found to be quite comforting by many people. It makes them feel closer to nature. 

When the pool is located outside, and the neighborhood is busy, the waterfall sound can also reprieve from those noises.

2. Making sure that the water circulates

A waterfall that is installed in the pool uses the pool’s water for its mechanism. It means that the water is not stagnant in one place. 

The water continues to circulate. The benefit is that chlorine lasts longer as the sunray does not easily break down the chemical compound.

3. Maintaining the water’s temperature

A constantly moving water is also noticeably cooler than stagnant water. It is because the water incorporates more air into its mass. 

This is beneficial during the summer seasons as the homeowner can spend hot days soaking in the cool tub.

Plunge Pool Waterfall Cons

Of course, there are some cons to installing the waterfall at one’s plunge pool. Let’s see the arguments!

1. It can be too noisy

Certain waterfall designs can be too noisy. It especially happens if the design is a direct water drop and the material used is natural stone. 

The noise can travel inside the house, and sometimes the homeowner might be forced to turn it off. The curtain design is recommended as it is not as noisy.

2. The cost may add up in the long run

The cost of the waterfall does not stop at its construction. It is also a costly structure to maintain. First of all, it needs to be powered as the waterfall does not happen naturally. 

Second, there needs to be a regular cleaning schedule. The schedule is created to ensure that the waterfall remains clean and the water pH is not disturbed.

Plunge Pool Waterfall Maintenance

The recommendation for deep maintenance work is once every three months. There are some tasks that the homeowner must perform, including but not limited to:

  • Cleaning the buildup of calcium
  • Cleaning the structure from moss or algae that can contaminate the water
  • Checking the pump
  • Winterizing the system if the location requires it

It can be concluded that plunge pool waterfall installation is a big commitment to follow through. 

There are some benefits from having it, but homeowners might be faced with some cons. In addition, maintenance is important too.