Outdoor Plunge Pool

Anything You Need to Know about Outdoor Plunge Pool

A swimming pool has been an important facility in most modern houses. However, considering the space available at home, building a huge swimming pool seems impossible. 

But still, there is another option for limited space, which is a plunge pool. This type of swimming pool is notorious among families with little space house. 

A plunge pool can be installed indoors or outdoor, depending on the available space. An Outdoor plunge pool is perfect for summer, and installing one is not complicated. 

Here is anything you need to know about this type of swimming pool.

Outdoor plunge pool meaning

Judging from the size, the plunge pool is different from the regular pool. It is a shallow and small pool which makes it impossible to swimming. To put it simply, a plunge pool is the type of pool that is smaller than a swimming pool but larger than a spa. 

A plunge pool is mainly used to cool off, water rehabilitation, aqua-aerobics, and even a place for kids to play.

Usually, the plunge pool is made rectangular, but any shape will also do as long as space allows. 

The general measurement of the plunge pool is two meters in width, seven meters in length, and around 1.2 meters deep. However, any pool smaller than 6m is categorized as a plunge pool.

Outdoor plunge pool pros

The good thing about the Outdoor plunge pool is the convenient size, making it perfect for a smaller backyard or patio. It can also be a good way to turn wasted space into a functional pool with an impressive feature. 

Considering the small size, the plunge pool is easy to maintain. This means lower costs in the long run because you can maintain the pool without the help of a professional pool cleaner. 

Also, the plunge pool installation fee is lower than building a regular swimming pool.

Outdoor plunge pool cons

If you love swimming, the plunge pool is not suitable for swimming considering the small size. Forget about swimming laps. The plunge pool allows only cooling off. 

Also, the shallow water can be dangerous for kids to play in the pool, especially when jumping in and out. With the small size, the plunge pool can only accommodate few people. 

The general plunge pool may only fit 4 adults, making this pool unsuitable for swimming pool parties.

Outdoor plunge pool maintenance

The plunge pool is easy to maintain because of its small size. If cleaning and maintaining a regular swimming pool can be a huge task, but maintaining a plunge pool is much easier. 

You can use a scoop net to clean junk and leaves for an outdoor plunge pool. Also, the plunge pool requires less water and chemical cleaning to keep the pool water clean. 

Plus, you can throw a cover for a smaller size plunge pool. There is no need to hire a professional pool service for extensive pool cleaning, and you can use a pool vacuum.

Outdoor plunge pool types

There is no certain type of plunge pool because it mostly depends on the space at home. You can customize the plunge pool in any shape, but it would be better to install steps or a bench around the pool if you have kids. 

If you use the plunge pool for aerobics or other exercises, you may need to install a deeper pool. Adding a powerful jet is also possible if you want to create a current in the pool.

An Outdoor plunge pool is the perfect swimming pool for families with limited space at home. Instead of keeping the wasted space, turning it into a plunge pool will be much more beneficial. 

It can be the spot for kids to play, friends to gather around, or to give a cooling atmosphere for the house.