palladium plunge pool for Your Backyard

Is Palladium plunge pool Suitable for Your Backyard?

Having a swimming pool is like a dream for everyone, but not every house can have a large swimming pool. Most people with a tiny backyard would give up on the idea of having a decent swimming pool. 

However, a plunge pool should be a brilliant breakthrough for people whose houses only have a tiny backyard. This small and cute pool is the hottest trend among swimming pools. 

A plunge pool is a perfect choice for houses where the full-size swimming pool is not an option. There are lots of types of plunge pools and one of the famous types is the palladium plunge pool. 

Palladium plunge pool definition

Despite the name palladium, palladium plunge pool refers to the small swimming pool with a certain model and size. Different from other types of plunge pools, the palladium plunge pool is meant for larger space. 

The size is perfect for a narrow and long backyard which many people find the area difficult to shape. 

Even though this plunge pool still restricts you from having laps, but it still provides tons of fun in the sun. 

Palladium plunge pool costs

The Palladium plunge pool is bigger than the average plunge pool. As a rule of thumb, the smaller pool may cost less than the bigger pool with the same model. The cost of a palladium pool made of standard fiberglass depends on the length of the pool. 

The cost of the pool per feet length is generally around $30,000. However, the cost can be different due to manufacturers, models, and also materials. 

Palladium plunge pool size

In general, there are two sizes of palladium plunge pools which are 16’ by 8’ and 20’ by 8’. Each size has a 5’ flat bottom depth. 

All palladium plunge pool types use flat bottom depth. This plunge pool type has different characteristics from other plunge pools which easy access of stairway. 

The palladium plunge pool has 4 bench seats and a generous stairway on the exits or entryway. 

Palladium plunge pool pros

As aforementioned before, a palladium plunge pool has more benefits than an ordinary plunge pool. If you are still wondering which types of the pool to choose, here are some benefits of the palladium plunge pool. 

Perfect size

this plunge pool is the right size for a long and narrow backyard. The size of the pool is bigger than the ordinary plunge pool, so it will be a bit better for swimming. 

Even though you do not use it for swimming, the pool is perfect for socializing space. 

Pool features

The palladium plunge pool is different from other plunge pools in terms of shape. This pool is shaped rectangular with lots of benches and a stairway. 

The seating area is great for relaxing and entertaining. The stair of this plunge pool is placed in the center which provides easy access from both left and right. 


Most people leave the swimming pool during winter, but this plunge pool can be used all year round. 

You can use it for a plunge pool during summer and a spa during winter with a water heater to keep the water warm.

Palladium plunge pool cons

If you like swimming so much, you need to consider the size of the pool before building a plunge pool. Even though the palladium plunge pool is bigger than the average plunge pool but it still has less swim space. 

Also, the palladium plunge pool is only 5’ deep, so you need to be very careful about jumping into the pool. 

The palladium plunge pool is another plunge pool type with lots of benches and a stairway. The model of the pool makes it a perfect place for entertainment and relaxation rather than for swimming. 

Considering the size, this plunge pool is suitable for a narrow and small backyard.