How Much Does It Cost to Run A Hot Tub?

How Much Does It Cost to Run A Hot Tub?

What are the actual costs for hot tub ownership? So for a long time now, when buying a hot tub, You’ve always been sold on the idea of one pound a day running costs. It’s just not true anymore if it ever was. 

We’re going to look at the actual cost of owning a hot tub and whether or not that should put you off, get the big one out of the way first, then the actual hot tub itself.

Hot Tub Price

Hot tub costs can vary because they start in 2000 pounds and go right up to 20,000 to 30,000 pounds.

Buying at the bottom end of the market is rarely a good idea. The same applies to hot tubs, so something in the region 2000 to a half 1000 pounds isn’t going to be very good.

So, probably give those a mess if that’s sort of what you’re looking at; maybe save yourself a few quid and look at an inflatable.

hot tub platinum santorini

This particular hot tub model is the platinum spas and Santorini. 

It’s 2.1 meters wide, has 52 jets, and seats five to six people, including one in our lounge position.

It cost  5500 pounds. It’s versatile because it’s excellent for two people, but it can accommodate a few friends if you want some over.

Nobody ever turns down a dip in the next one I’ve had for two years now. So that’s the significant cuts out of the way.

So using mine as an example, if you have, say 1000 pound deposit, you could pay the rent stuff over three years, but 125 pounds a month later can be factored into the cost of owning one if you like.

So your four-digit term.

Hot tub Delivery Cost

Now you need to think about delivery, is there easy access to where the toolset? If

Yes, that’s great; it will probably include the bathtub delivery in the process.

However, if you don’t have a straight one-meter wide clear route to your garden location, you’re going to set this thing; then, you will need a crane.

So you need to factor that into your costs as well.

Although having one delivered by crane is exciting, it is costly, about 200 pounds.

So now you’ve got your bathtub in place, and you’re ready to rock.

Hot tub Power Supply

But there was one more major cost involved before you may have gotten to this point.

Yes, that’s the power supply. All these bathtub and tops need their power supply, and you can’t just put them in a socket and go, cuffs here varies depending on where your fuse box is and how far cable has to go on.

The wires are cheap; mine is roughly 20 meters long and costs 400 pounds to install.

See the cost of sack, and you know when we’ve barely even started.

Hot tub Chemical Cost

You probably received all the chemicals you need in the starter pack along with the tub, so you should be good to go right from delivery.

So they should keep going for a few months, but then you will need to buy some more.

Fortunately, this chemical can be purchased in bulk and doesn’t cost all that much, so it’s a relatively small cost in keeping your top running at this point.

However, you will need to keep the water condition good, mainly by adding chlorine, but some other products are required as part of the chemical routine, two to three times a week.

Yes, regardless of whether you’re using it or not.

There is some level of commitment when buying one of these things.

It would help if you had a PH increase or decrease depending on your water; this around 9 pounds for your annual supply.

So the chemicals and five inches of chlorine will set you back 30 pounds, which will last you around 18 months.

Hot tub is Power on All days

I need to point out something fundamental: many people don’t quite understand a hot tub is on 24/7 all days.

You don’t just turn it on when you want to get in for when you want to use it, and It’s on all the time—Ready in If and when you want to.

So that can be a common misconception that it takes time to boil a liter of water, So heating 1500 liters of water outside to temperature 37 to 40 degrees is not going to be quick.

What’s up to temperature, which finally took this size takes around 16 hours to get from 10 degrees to say, 37 up tops, keep the water at a constant temperature by topping up the heat constantly.

So, we’re not talking significant figures here; these are the essential things and all I need to add to my water to have the levels right.

You can get tested strips to measure the chemical content of the water, but after a while of keeping on top of this, you will know the test strips are very cheap anyway, to 15 pounds for two strips.

Hot tub Foam

Lastly, you will need foam away. Typically, five pounds per liter.

You only need to add on occasions where you get foam buildup on the use, and usually, when you add a stranger to the tub, and that covered in products (it’s always better to shower first)

I can also add to this, so it’s not unimportant, and it’s not an insignificant expense but goes into other important things.

Water For Hot tub

The most crucial part is an essential part and the cheapest, the water to fill the thing.

One Pound 50 It costs to fit the entire hops, and you only need to do that three or four times a year if you keep on top of the chemicals and don’t overuse it.

So that’s everything.

Oh, wait, no, I forgot the most significant expense in owning the hot tub.

Power Cost for Hot tub

Yes, Hot Tub uses a lot of power.

When I say a lot, they use more than the rest of your house combined.

They do use a phenomenal amount of electricity.

So you’ve been forewarned.

I worked mine out using 16 kilowatts of electricity every day, leaving 160 in LED lights; however, you want to cut it.

It’s a lot and will significantly increase your energy bill, and you need to account for this, as it will be a nasty surprise if you’re not ready for it.

So on electricity alone, the hot tub costs two pounds a day to run.

That’s double the salesman’s estimate.

That doesn’t include the other costs as we’ve discussed; those additional costs don’t have that much over a year and only bumps it up to around two pounds per day. 

But still, over a year, that’s an awful lot of money.

That’s nearly 760 quid a year. If you factor in the cost of your hot tub with that, and you’re paying for it monthly on Knox and finance as most people would, it means you’re forking out 6.30 pounds a day.

It’s a lot of money going towards one item. I can’t think of any other things you would have in your household that would cost that much.

So now you know the actual cost of owning the hot tub.

Does that put you off after only one for two years?

Do you think I should?

There is nothing better than having a nice long soak in the tub in the evening with a beer after a stressful day, and it relaxes you de-stresses you.

It’s great for your mental health.

It’s also great for muscle relief and keeps you supple, so it’s great for physical health to quit absolutely lavas maintenance is minimal.

So it takes about two minutes to sort the chemicals out every few days, and cleaning is easy.

They are no hassle, and it’s always easy to use at the drop of a hat.

Incidentally, most people believe in hot tubs for summer.

No, they’re not couldn’t be further from the truth.

These things you use a lot more in the winter when it’s been a blisteringly hot day, and the last thing you want to do is sit in 40-degree water for an hour.

That much better for winter use.

They walk your core and make you feel nice and toasty when you go back inside.

Play goes to bed feeling nice and relaxed, warm and cozy straightest.


You’ll get the steam as the hot water mixes with the cold air, and it just adds to the experience.

There’s nothing better than sitting in a hot tub in your garden when everything else is cover in snow, and this brings me on to inflatable hot tubs; too many people are buying because they’re cheap, less than 300 quid, which seems excellent.

Only they are, you don’t get the full hop to experience from that usually very very small, you can get to people in them.

In comfort, unless you like playing footsie, then you can maybe get four.

They don’t have many jets, and here’s a kicker.

You have to put them away when the weather starts to get colder because the robots will perish in cooler temperatures.

So if you want to use it again next year, You’re going to have to put it away, which is entirely pointless.

If you want a hot tub, it’s better to save up and buy the real thing. So I think that’s about it, how much does the hot tub owner cost.