All About Plunge Pool Decks You Need To Know

All About Plunge Pool Decks You Need To Know

Generally, plunge pools are small-sized pools for spas, saunas, or wading in warmer climates. Plunge pools also tend to be easy to maintain and have lower costs of maintenance.

Yet, what if there are decks attached to the plunge pools? We’re going to look at the definition of the plunge pool decks:

Plunge Pool Deck Definition

The meaning of plunge pool decks doesn’t stop in only plunge pools with additional decks. Instead, the decking systems themselves are an essential part of these plunge pools. In the pool world, these pool decks are also often referred to as pool patios.

Pool decks, or pool patios, don’t only serve as the aesthetics for the plunge pools. Instead, you can also place things and furniture on top of them. To be safe, these patios (or decks) need to have covers.

Plunge Pool Deck Cover

Plunge pools always need covers if they have installed decks, whether they’re built in-ground or above the ground. Faux woods and fiberglasses are two of the most popular deck cover materials for plunge pools.

Like the basic plunge pools and their entire accessories, the deck covers can either be purchased online or DIY-ed. Sliding deck covers are the most popular covering methods, with retractable and roller deck covers as the modified versions.

Sliding Deck Pool Cover

Pool decks with different designs and operating options; combining removable pools with the decks and covers makes sliding deck pool covers some of the most popular choices among plunge pool installers when they think about adding deck covers to their pool decks.

Even though sliding decks are expensive, their unique abilities to hide the pools when completely covered are the assets that sliding deck pool covers have. There are also automatic versions of these pool covers apart from the regular sliding deck pool covers.

Automatic Sliding Deck Pool Cover

These pool deck covers are also referred to as automatic covers. Unlike sliding deck pool covers that work with many shapes of plunge pools, automatic covers only work for rectangular-shaped pools.

They also need to be replaced every five years. Thankfully, belonging to the sliding deck pool covers category, they also have similar strengths to the regular versions, such as being safe for children, creating more spaces, and looking nice.

Sliding Deck Pool Cover Cost

Given the limitations of the automatic sliding deck pool covers, these sliding deck pool cover categories may be cheaper than the regular sliding deck pool covers. Automatic pool covers cost around $12,000-$22,000, while the regular sliding deck pool covers cost around $25,000-$75,000.

At the same time, the regular sliding deck pool covers may not need to be replaced. On the other hand, the replacement costs for automatic pool covers are around $2,000-$4,000 every time of replacement.

Both versions can require no electricity-related costs because of their abilities to self-warm on the pools, especially when they are 100% covered.

Retractable Deck Pool Cover

The other modified themes for automatic pool covers are the retractable deck pool covers. Like all automatic pool covers, these pool covers work best with rectangular-shaped plunge pools. Most plunge pools that have retractable deck pool covers tend to be installed in-ground.

Despite their limitations, and they are seemingly heavyweight compared to other pool deck covers, the retractable deck pool covers are popular for many purposes, from spas, relaxation to even small dance parties inside the plunge pools.

Roller Deck Pool Cover

Roller deck pool covers are yet other modified types of sliding deck pool covers available on markets. Unlike the regular, automatic, and retractable sliding deck pool covers that need to be pushed left or right, you need to roll your roller deck pool covers from the front or bottom, depending on how you’d like to cover your plunge pools.

Roller deck pool covers work for any shape of the plunge pools. At the same time, fiberglass options are usually not found in these pool deck covers.

We know that plunge pool decks should have been covered from the above’s points so their safety levels will increase, especially for children. This applies regardless of when you’re using the regular, automatic, retractable, or roller sliding deck cover versions.

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