All About Courtyard Plunge Pools You Need To Know

All About Courtyard Plunge Pools You Need To Know

Even though plunge pools can be built indoor and outdoor, most people tend to favor building plunge pools in outdoor settings. 

Also, even though backyards are the most popular places to construct plunge pools, courtyards are also some of the most popular choices.

Like any other plunge pools, courtyard plunge pools also have things that make them different. We’ll look at the definition first:

Courtyard Plunge Pool Definition

The courtyard plunge pools are the types of plunge pools that are known for their smaller dimensions. Since their overall sizes are small, they can fit into the small areas of your house. Most of the courtyard pools are made from concrete and installed in-ground.

Apart from the basic rectangular shapes, these plunge pools are also possible be designed in ways other than the basic ways. In some cases, it is also possible to paint these plunge pools.

Courtyard Plunge Pool Ideas

Sure, the basic forms of plunge pools in courtyards may be rectangular-shaped like many other plunge pool types. Yet, there are many possibilities of how the rectangular-shaped plunge pools can be designed.

Placing wooden blocks around the plunge pools are the most popular ideas for courtyard plunge pools

Courtyards below stairs and around the patio are the most popular places for these types of plunge pools. It is even possible to add decorations such as fiery citadels around the plunge pools.

Why Choose Courtyard Plunge Pool?

So, the question is, if the plunge pools located in courtyards have identical rectangular shapes as most of the plunge pools, why should you choose them?

These plunge pools come with facilities such as fountains, surrounding plants, underwater lights, and many more, that can beautify both the pools and the surroundings. 

Also, their smaller sizes compared to other types of plunge pools mean lower needs to maintain the plunge pools’ qualities.

Courtyard Plunge Pool Pros

The lower maintenance needs are just one of the many pros that courtyard plunge pools have. The small and not-so-deep dimensions make these types of plunge pools some of the easiest to manage with lower maintenance costs and needs.

These types of plunge pools don’t only benefit from the manageable dimensions. In fact, these plunge pool types are also among the most customizable ones. 

You can install jet and heating systems to make the plunge pools function during winter and summer, adjust the flows of the water, add seatings for the children, and many more.

Courtyard Plunge Pool Cons

The cons that are posed by plunge pools built in courtyards are not far from other types of plunge pools due to the small sizes of the courtyard-type plunge pools.

Since their sizes are small even when compared to other types of plunge pools, courtyard-type plunge pools can only contain smaller numbers of people. Most of all, it’s nearly impossible to have an enjoyable experience when the numbers of people in them are crowded.

Courtyard Plunge Pool Kit

The good news is that you can take advantage of the highly customizable characteristic of courtyard-based plunge pools. To this end, you’ll need the kits for your plunge pools.

Water kits are essential for all plunge pool types, including the courtyard pool types. Apart from the basic water kits, you’ll also need heating and jet systems to make the plunge pools function as they should be. 

Each heating and jet systems have different power usages and serve different purposes. So, you may need to adjust these according to your needs.

Courtyard Plunge Pool Maintenance

The small sizes of courtyard pools mean not only costs of maintenance that are lower compared to other plunge pool types. 

Their needs for maintenance activities are also low that you only need to supply a small amount of water, chemical additives, and other simpler cleaning tools to drain the water and clean the bases.

Courtyard plunge pools are unique in that there are many ideas of the plunge pools that can be applied in your houses.

At the same time, they also require adequate amounts and quality of kits as well as the abilities to preserve the beauty and function of the plunge pools. The next article will be all about plunge pools that are built along with decks.