Magnesium Plunge Pool

Here Are Everything You Need to Know About Magnesium Plunge Pool

Maybe many people don’t know about the benefits and uses of the magnesium plunge pool, which actually has many benefits. 

Many pool owners think that the water for their pool is not too important to pay attention to its mineral content. For them, the most important thing is that the pool water always looks clean, clear, and odorless.

Checking the mineral content of swimming pool water is very important to keep the water quality stable. Water quality can be categorized as stable if the water has ideal pH and chlorine levels. 

In addition, swimming pool water must always be clean and clear. If the water quality is good and clear, those who use it will feel comfortable and will not be afraid of getting sick when swimming in the pool.

Apart from being a recreation facility, a swimming pool can also be a medium for relaxation to refresh the body after a tiring day of activities. Seeing this, it is time you pay attention to the quality of your plunge pool. 

One of them is the importance of adding minerals that can improve the quality of your pool.

Magnesium plunge pool definitions

Magnesium can be an essential mineral worth adding to your plunge pool. But do you know what a magnesium plunge pool is?  

FYI magnesium plunge pool is also known as a pool with a high mineral content in it. 

There are some minerals added to the plunge pool. And of course, one of the important minerals added to this plunge pool is magnesium chloride. This is where the name magnesium plunge pool became widely known.

In nature, the mineral magnesium is found in soil and rocks, water, seawater, and chlorophyll. Magnesium is also found in vast quantities in seawater, where the magnesium chloride content can reach up to 500 ppm. This makes seawater the largest major source of magnesium metal content worldwide.

Unlike normal swimming pools, magnesium plunge pools are believed to have water that is much cleaner and healthier. 

Swimming pools that use this mineral have water that feels softer, fresher, and doesn’t cause irritation to sensitive eyes or skin.

Why chose magnesium plunge pool

As mentioned above, magnesium is one of the pure minerals derived from nature. Given its purity as a natural mineral, magnesium certainly has many benefits for human health. 

In fact, we are also strongly advised to consume foods high in magnesium which have many benefits for our health.

Using magnesium in a plunge pool will provide many benefits to your body. This means that a dip in the plunge pool is for relaxation and provides health benefits to the human body. 

This is why it is highly recommended that you use the magnesium plunge pool, which will provide many health benefits for you and your family.

Magnesium plunge pool benefits

Given that the magnesium plunge pool has pure mineral content, it provides many benefits for those who choose to soak there. The benefits such as:

  1. Swimming in a magnesium plunge pool can relax stiff muscles
  2. Swimming in it also helps relieve stress
  3. You will get softer and moisturized skin after soaking in this pool. Your hair will be stronger and healthier if you regularly soak in the magnesium plunge pool
  4. A magnesium plunge pool is also believed to be able to detox your body
  5. Swimming in a magnesium plunge pool is also believed to be able to treat sleep problems such as insomnia

Magnesium plunge pool cons

If there are advantages, of course, there are drawbacks to this magnesium plunge pool. The most prominent thing is the price of the mineral magnesium, which is much higher than that of water purifiers in general. 

In addition, magnesium plunge pools also need extra care when compared to traditional pools in general.

Magnesium plunge pool cost

As mentioned earlier, you do have to spend relatively more money to get the benefits of this magnesium plunge pool. 

You have to spend a lot of money, especially to buy magnesium minerals, which are much more expensive than other minerals commonly used in swimming pools.

The price for each mineral pack varies. Usually, you will have to pay $35- $40 for a package of about 10 kilograms of magnesium. Meanwhile, in a month, at least, you have to prepare 3-4 bags of magnesium to put in your plunge pool.

For a swimming pool that has just been converted using the mineral magnesium, the price can be higher. Quite often, you have to spend from $5000- $8000 depending on the size of your plunge pool.

Magnesium plunge pool maintenance

Compared with chlorinated pools in general, Magnesium plunge pool maintenance is rather inconvenient. Several things must be done, including:

  1. Clean the plunge pool from debris, dirt, or leaves that may get into it
  2. Perform periodic checks to ensure the acidity or pH of the magnesium plunge pool ranges between numbers of 4000 to 5000ppm
  3. Periodically you also need to bring a water sample from the pool to the local laboratory for analysis of water in order to see the levels of minerals in it
  4. You are also strongly advised to install a mineral pool system for sanitizing your swimming pool

Magnesium plunge pool system

Magnesium Chloride used for swimming pools will help make the water cleaner and free from bacteria. It works to make the chlorine levels in the swimming pool lower so that people who swim in it don’t need to rinse their bodies. 

In addition, the use of magnesium will also make swimming pools healthier and minimize the use of hazardous chemicals that are often used to purify water.

Convert existing pool to a magnesium pool

To convert a normal plunge pool, you must first analyze the water. Also, please make sure the filter in your swimming pool is suitable and supports the use of new minerals such as adding magnesium to it. 

To carry out this conversion, you can ask for help from a plunge pool care specialist to obtain the maximum results according to your wishes.