Building Indoor Plunge Pool

Consider This before Building Indoor Plunge Pool

Plunge pool becomes more and more famous since people demand simple entertainment. Building and maintaining a swimming pool can be a great task, but a plunge pool is different, especially an indoor plunge pool. The indoor plunge pool is a great spot for relaxing or simply cooling off all year round. 

The plunge pool is perfect for a house with a small space but still wants to add a refreshing spot. Different from the general wide pool, the plunge pool is easy to install and maintain. Here are some factors to consider before installing one in the house. 

Indoor plunge pool meaning

There is no word better to describe a plunge pool unless a small and deep (sometimes shallow) pool cannot be used for swimming laps. It is mainly used for relaxation by ‘plunging’ on the pool, called a plunge pool. 

A plunge pool is a lot smaller than a swimming pool, but it is still larger than a spa. There is no exact measurement and shape for an indoor plunge pool, but you can make an indoor plunge pool as long as the space is available. It can be a rectangular shape, and others shape depends on the available space. 

The indoor plunge pool usually has large seating areas for a better relaxation experience. So, you can sit comfortably on the side of the pool and enjoy the cool water. Considering the small size, the plunge pool is very convenient as it does not take much space and is very easy to clean. 

Indoor plunge pool pros

For a family with a small house but still want to have a pool, an indoor plunge pool can be a great option. It has lots of benefits as the following.

Swim anytime

When you have an indoor plunge pool, there is no limitation on when to swim. You can swim or play in the water all year round. 

Less maintenance

The best thing about an indoor plunge pool is it requires less maintenance. An indoor pool means less debris and dirt so that the water can stay clean for a longer time. 

Also, an indoor pool requires fewer chemicals since it is not exposed to sunlight, diminishing sanitizer or chlorine levels. 

Indoor plunge pool cons

Even though the indoor plunge pool is very convenient, but it still comes with some consideration. Not that it is bad, but here are few things you can consider. 

Higher cost

An indoor pool is much cheaper in maintenance and cleaning routine, but it is relatively more expensive in installation. Also, an indoor pool requires a good HVAC system, so it does not ruin the house construction. 

Energy cost

At certain times, you will need to use more energy for heating the water and air space. For example, during winter, the indoor pool may use more energy than the usual time. 

No sunbathing

 If you like sunbathing by the pool, then you need to consider the indoor plunge pool. Unless you can open and close the roof, sunbathing is out of the question for an indoor pool. 

Indoor plunge pool maintenance

Maintaining an indoor plunge pool is quite easy and simple. You can use a pool vacuum to clean the inside wall and use a typical swimming pool chemical for the water. Since it is built indoors, you have nothing to worry about debris, junk, and even algae. 

An indoor plunge pool is more than just a pool; it is a fun entertainment spot. To make it even better, you can add controlling moisture and automatic pool covers. These two accessories are important to eliminate evaporation. 

Also, to keep the water swimmable, a pool heater is a must because the pool receives no sunlight. The pool heater help extend the swim season so that you can swim at any time.