The Benefits and Other Types of Hot Tub Plunge Pool

The Benefits and Other Types of Hot Tub Plunge Pool

Having a busy work schedule really tires our bodies and mind. If fatigue attacks, the mind will automatically become stressed, and it will be difficult for us to focus on doing anything. When you start to feel the signs of tiredness and boredom, the only thing that can reduce it is relaxation.

There are many ways to relax your body. One of the most effective ways is to soak in a pool of water. When we bathe, using either hot or cold water, our bodies will feel several beneficial effects.

The muscles will be relaxed and not tense so that the body can function normally again. The body should always be in this condition.

To get a more effective effect, you can soak in a pool filled with hot water, such as a plunge pool hot tub. Hot tub plunge pools are usually built at a lower depth than regular pools, but you can customize it if you prefer a deeper plunge pool.

For residential land, which incidentally has a small land area, some people choose to build a hot tub plunge pool in their backyard. This is because the cost of making it is cheaper, the size of the pool is smaller, and the maintenance is not as complicated as swimming pool maintenance. Besides, they can relax and unwind there.

However, apart from the hot tub plunge pool, other types of plunge pools have their own characteristics. This article will discuss some of these types of plunge pools.

Hot tub and cold plunge pool

Hot tubs are usually used by athletes who will do competitions. The hot water in the tub has a stable temperature; this will provide several benefits for them. When they are under the water, the hot temperature will spread evenly throughout the body. 

Blood will flow more smoothly throughout the body, likewise with muscle flexibility. Muscle flexibility is important before engaging in activities such as sports to avoid injury.

Meanwhile, a cold plunge pool is when water with a low temperature will be filled into the pool. Typically, athletes will soak in the cold plunge pool shortly after training. The effect of cold water is to reduce inflammation in the muscles. 

In fact, this technique is also made into a therapy called cold-plunge therapy. This therapy requires you to soak in a cold plunge pool with a temperature of 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hot plunge pools

Hot plunge pools rely on the power of hot water to transfer its benefits to their users. The temperature of the hot plunge pools will usually be kept between 10 and 12 degrees only. 

This temperature is said to be effective for benefiting the body. The Endorphine hormone produced by the body will increase so that the body will relax. 

The size of this pool is relatively small, so it is very suitable for those of you who want to have a pool, but the area of your house is not too large. Hot plunge pools are usually made of fiberglass.

Hot tub as a plunge pool

To relax using the warm water, you don’t have to have your own hot plunge pools. Because as we know, building hot plunge pools for ourselves requires a lot of preparation and equipment. 

The solution to this is that you buy a hot tub. A hot tub is smaller than a typical plunge pool. It is similar in size to a jacuzzi, but these two things are very different.

A hot tub is a wooden bathtub that looks like a barrel and is filled with hot water. This wood material can keep the water temperature in check when we swim in it. 

People will chill in their hot tub in winter. As technology advances, hot tubs are now made using fiberglass and thermoplastic materials because they are easier to obtain.

By soaking in the hot tub, you will also feel the same benefits generated when you soak in the plunge pool hot tub.

Plunge pool hot tub

Combining a hot tub and a plunge pool? Why not! Combining a hot tub with a plunge pool can be your choice if you want to have both. In fact, having a plunge pool hot tub will be of great use when winter arrives. 

The benefits provided are also beneficial for the body. Warm water therapy is highly recommended for a period of time while soaking in the plunge pool hot tub.

Hot tub with plunge pool

A hot tub with a plunge pool is made separately but with a short distance. Usually, they are built next to each other. 

You can adjust this option if you have a large enough backyard. But for an easier alternative, you can stay at a hotel that provides this facility.

Ice plunge pool

Ice plunge pool will allow you to soak in a pool filled with icy cold water. The size is similar to a plunge pool in general. 

The temperature of the water in it is not arbitrary. Usually, the temperature will be maintained between 45 to 55 Fahrenheit. This temperature is a temperature that the body can still accept.

Heated plunge pool

Yes, apart from the hot tube plunge pool, there is also a heated plunge pool. Some plunge pools are designed so that they can be heated at any time. 

The heated plunge pool is heated using solar heating. This type of heater is one of the most popular because it is energy-efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Heated plunge pool cost

The price for a heated plunge pool is usually included in the general price of the plunge pool itself. While plunge pools are available for as low as $ 20,000, some are even cheaper. This will usually depend on the plunge pool’s size, material, and features (including the heater).

Plunge pool hot tub and other types of plunge pools really have their own differences. Likewise with the benefits generated. 

If you plan to have a plunge pool hot tub in your home, this article can be your reference. You only need to adjust it to your needs.