How to Build a Plunge Pool with Jets Stream System

How to Build a Plunge Pool with Jets Stream System

If you want to have your swimming pool in your backyard, but you have restricted budgets, then you may want to invest in a plunge pool. 

We know that the cost to build your swimming pool is not cheap, and not all people who dream of having their swimming pool can afford one.

Or maybe people who have enough money to build swimming pools don’t have enough space to construct them on their property. 

However, there is a solution for both problems mentioned above. A plunge pool might be your choice for your restricted financial resources or limited space.

This article will show you all you need to do to install an affordable plunge pool on your property. You will also learn to add a jets system in your pool to make your swimming session more enjoyable.

What is a plunge pool?

Before you decide to have a plunge pool on your property, it is essential to know the basics about it firsthand. Technically speaking, a plunge pool is the smaller version of a swimming pool. It is a shallow pool of small size. 

It is usually used for wading, lounging, and cooling your body off. Some owners prefer plunge pools over swimming pools since their costs are lower, and the size is suitable to build on their property. 

It is also easier to maintain, and the water requirements to fill the pool are not as massive as those in the swimming pool.

What is the size of plunge pools?

The plunge pool’s size can vary from one another. However, the typical dimension is around 8 x 8 feet up to 8 x 16 feet. Since they come in different kinds and shapes, the fixed volume can also vary.  

It can store 10 feet for the diameter to half circle plunge pools with a radius of up to 8-foot or square pools with sides up to 8-foot.

As their sizes are small, most plunge pools are shaped in a rectangle to create a usable amount of space to swim.

Can I make my own plunge pool DIY style?

Although plunge pools are small in size, they are still pools. It means that you need all of the design, skills, and structural requirements to install it successfully. 

For many people, this can be hard or simply beyond their capabilities. You should hire a professional to do the works.

Adding Jets System into your pool

You can add a swim jets system into your pool to lets you get targeted body massage while you sit or float in the plunge pool with jets. 

The jet system also allows you to exercise and do workouts by swimming against the currents. There are many jets systems available to purchase online.

The costs typically start from $2.000 with extra power and features. There are also swim jets designed for professional athletes with 7.5 horsepower on the upper price, and it costs almost $30.000. 

If you only want to have a jets system for accessories or a light workout, you should choose the cheaper one. 

Be careful with the brands and features. Choose only models or features that you need.

Build Your Own Plunge Pool with Jets

After you learned about the basics of a plunge pool, now it is time to hire pool services to get the job done. 

You can hire plunge workers to build your pool in days, not months. Yes, you don’t need to wait for so long to enjoy your plunge pool with a jets system finally. 

There are pool building services that allow you to make the construction faster since a certified and qualified tradesperson does the jobs.


A plunge pool can add aesthetic to your house, and you can get workouts and cool down without having to pay for gym membership ever again. The jets system is optional but can help you do exercises while plunging yourself in the pool. 

You need to research the best plunge pool with jets builder service in your area since the service cost and features can vary. 

The plunge pool can be your best investment in the long run, and it is easier to maintain than a big swimming pool.