Tamarind Driftwood for Aquascaping

How to Prepare Tamarind Driftwood for Aquascaping

Originated in tropical Africa, tamarind is commonly used for wood specialty items like chopping blocks or mortars and pestles.

But did you know that you can use it to decorate your fish/planted tank?

Here are some tips to prepare tamarind driftwood for aquascaping.

Measuring and Cutting Your Tamarind Wood

The first step to do is measuring the driftwood with the same height as your aquarium.

The wood will seem equally tall on the surface when put in the tank.

Usually, most driftwood will require sanding.

But, you do not need to do that for tamarind driftwood.

You certainly want to keep the tree-look-like as it is, especially for a forest theme.

After the measurement, you can cut them into various lengths.

As for the height of the aquarium, you can trick it with the substrates.

Drying and Putting a Weight on Tamarind Driftwood

The next step is drying the driftwood for about a month.

It helps to control the pH levels so the inhabitants in your tank will not be affected.

Since the driftwood is relatively light, it might be floating once you add the water to your tank.

Hence, you can put a weight at the tip of the wood.

Try to use a rock with a flat surface so it can help them to stand correctly. You may use glue to stick them together.

Once finished, let them dry again.

Placement Tamarind wood in Aquarium

For the placement, start by placing a spongy pad at the bottom of the tank.

Next, add dark-colored substrates and level them on the pad.

You may create an incline for shorter driftwoods, which has the same level as your aquarium height.

Then, place the driftwood one by one in line and surround the bottom rock with the substrates.

After that, add some rocks around each wood for a better foundation.

Last, add the water to the aquarium and wait for about a week to let the tannins and other dirt come out.

Decorating Aquarium with Tamarind driftwood

After one week passed, drain the water by using a siphon.

After draining it, you may start decorating by placing some aquarium plants like Ricardio moss.

Please put them in some rocks to enhance the forest look we are aiming for.

Then, add some anubias in the background and other plants you would like to add.

Now you may fill the tank again with water, leave it be for one day, and your aquarium is done.

You may add some colorful small fish afterward.

To summarize, all you need to do are:

  • Measure and cut the wood properly
  • Dry them thoroughly and add weight on
  • Place and let them soaked in the tank
  • Decorate it with aquarium plants

And that’s how to prepare tamarind driftwood for aquascaping.

It is so easy even for beginners. So, are you interested in trying?