Madrone Root For Aquarium

The Precious Driftwood: Madrone Root

Madrona root driftwood is not strange for driftwood lovers or aquarists who love decorating their tanks.

Instead, it is one of the most hunted accessories to be put in the aquarium. There are several reasons behind this, and here they are.

The Uniqueness of Madrone Root Driftwood

Quite rare.

Native to America, this plant has the Arbutus genus name. One of the most common species to produce natural driftwood is the Pacific Madrone. The driftwood, especially the plant, only lives along the western coast of California to British Columbia.

It grows near the beach, and it takes a long time for its root to be washed away by the sea and turning in natural driftwood. That is why Madrona root driftwood is more expensive than other types of driftwood.

The beautiful line texture.

Not only rare, the wood attracts not only tank enthusiasts but also home designers.

The line texture has aesthetic values that not all other woods have. Of course, Madrone root driftwood will add more beauty to its place where it is exhibited.

The bulky and solid figure.

Though it is only a root, the wood structure is solid and outlast to stay underwater for an extended period. Naturally, the uncut root is big. That is why most of them are put in a larger fish tank.

Suitable for freshwater with low pH

Its wood is safe for living things in an aquarium, including fish, reptiles, water plants, etc. It supports a healthy freshwater ecosystem in your tank. The fish could hide between its curves and branches.

Tips for Setting Up Madrona in Tank

Whether you find the natural Madrone root driftwood by the seaside or you make one by yourself, here are some things that you can do to make it fit in the fish tank.

  • Scrub them first

Madrona wood contains high tannin shown by its bright orange color. To get rid of this substance, you need to scrub and soak it first. If you find the natural Madrona root driftwood, scrubbing them is enough.

  • Pour hot water to make it fit in the tank

Sometimes the root has several branches that make it hard to fit in the tank. Just pour some boiling water into the branch, and it will be easy to get rid of the branches.

  • Attach it to slate if it does not sink.

If you find the small one, it might come up to the surface easily. One trick to make it stay underwater is attaching it to some slates, rocks, or other decorations in the tank.


Categorized as expensive driftwood, Madrona root has several qualities that others might not have, such as:

  1. Rare
  2. Fine line texture
  3. Solid
  4. Safe

There are also several ways to enhance its look in the tank.