Driftwood From Linden Tree Root

Self-made Driftwood From Linden Tree Root

Buying driftwood online or from the market can be costly sometimes.

Making driftwood from trees around you could save up more money, especially if the Linden tree grows in your area.

There are several advantages and steps to turn its root into aesthetic driftwood in your fish tank.

Why Linden Tree Root Driftwood

Linden tree belongs to the Tilia genus. The term ‘Linden’ is mostly used in Europe.

There is also a similar species that grows in northern America, and it is called Basswood.

This tree has various functions as it can be processed as herbal medicine, guitar, furniture, floors, and also driftwood. 

To be used as an accessory in a tank, Linden tree root driftwood carries several advantages. They include:  

It has wide and gigantic roots.

Belonging to the large tree type, Linden could reach up to 40 meters vertically and spread its leaves up to 20 meters horizontally. It applies the same with its root. In fact, this tree is one of the trees that are not suggested to be planted near houses as its root growth could cause several damages to buildings or public facilities. Using its root as driftwood could prevent further damage if the tree is near buildings.

The root is sturdy and long-lasting.

Compared to other trees, Linden has a strong and hard structure. Whether it’s trunk, branch, or root, they all are hard to break.

The root diameter of the old linden tree could grow several inches. As it grows underground, the root has a better water endurance.    

The process is quite easy.

Though it has an unbreakable and strong texture, transforming the root to be driftwood is similar to other wood. For the steps, you can try these below. 

How to make Linden Tree Root Driftwood

  1. Fill a container with water and add washing soda. Make sure that the water level is enough to cover all the roots.
  2. Add the roots and let them soak for at least 48 hours.
  3. When the bark gets softened, peel the bark using a brush or other tools.
  4. Once the roots are clean, soak them again in water and bleach for another 48 hours.
  5. Finally, let them dry under the sun for two or three days. Then the Linden tree root driftwood is ready.

In summary

Linden tree is easy and suitable to be made into driftwood. Why? Because they are

  1. gigantic
  2. sturdy
  3. easy to process.

It also only requires washing soda, bleach, water, container, and sunlight to transform the root into shiny and antique driftwood. Indeed, Linden tree root driftwood has a natural driftwood look.