Everything You Need to Know About Cold Plunge Pool

Everything You Need to Know About Cold Plunge Pool

Having a swimming pool is truly fun and beneficial, especially in the summer. However, not every person has a large yard to have one. Thus, a plunge pool is a solution to this problem.

Nowadays, a cold plunge pool becomes a trend since it offers many health benefits. Moreover, it also offers a solution for people who do not have a big area or space for having a swimming pool. The cold plunge pool is smaller than a normal swimming pool, so it is perfect for a small area.

Due to its benefits and interesting offers, many people start to build a plunge pool now. However, there are many things that people do not know about it in detail, so here is everything that you need to know about a cold plunge pool!

Making Home Made cold plunge pool

A home cold plunge pool is a pool that is designed to a smaller space that is filled with cold water. This kind of pool is truly useful for people who need a swimming pool but they do not have enough space. 

Thus, a home cold plunge pool is a perfect idea. The plunge pool does not need a large area, so it is suitable for people who have a small space in their homes.

Furthermore, a home plunge pool is also useful for your therapy at home, since it has many health benefits. 

Imagine having a therapy pool in your home, you can get many health benefits as much as you want only stepping into your home.

In ground Cold plunge pool

A cold plunge pool is also able to be installed in-ground if you want it. Usually, people want to install their cold plunge pools in the ground to make them easier to access in an outdoor area. 

Commonly, the average size of a plunge pool is around 53 up to 60 inches deep and 7 by 12 feet. However, you can still customize the size of your plunge pool in the ground.

Coldwater plunge pool

Many people asked about what temperature is needed for water in a cold plunge pool. Coldwater in the plunge pool is around 51 up to 55 degrees. 

Furthermore, the plunge pool can maintain the temperature of the cold water until 10 degrees Celcius. 

Outdoor cold plunge pool

A cold plunge pool can be placed outdoor if you want it. Usually, people put their plunge pools outdoor to enjoy the beautiful scenery or gardens in the summer. You can install an outdoor plunge pool by hiring a professional person in building an outdoor plunge pool.

Cedar cold plunge pool

Having a cedar cold plunge pool is also a perfect idea. Cedarwood is a durable timber that is good for cold temperatures.

Furthermore, the natural grain and looks of cedar also enhance the beauty of your plunge pool. Cedar is also a most common material for cold plunge pool that made from wood.

Buy cold plunge pool

The cost of a cold plunge pool varies according to the design, features, and others. Usually, it costs around $12.000 US dollars up to $25.000 US dollars. 

Of course, it is cheaper than a traditional swimming pool which can cost around $60.000 US dollars.

Before buying a cold plunge pool, you have to consider several things. 

First, consider the size of your plunge pool. Make sure that the size that you choose fits well in your space. 

Second, the design is also an important thing to be considered before choosing a new plunge pool.

Outdoor cold plunge tub

Instead of an outdoor plunge pool, you can also have an outdoor cold plunge tub. The outdoor cold plunge tub is much smaller than a plunge pool.

Usually, it only fits a single person to enjoy the cold water in the tub. Since it is smaller, it only needs a very small space to install. Thus, it will give you more space in your yard.

Indoor cold plunge pool

Besides having an outdoor cold plunge pool, it is also possible for you to have an indoor cold plunge pool

It is a perfect idea if you want to feel like having a spa at your home. Much cool design is available for an indoor plunge pool with various smart features.

Cold plunge pool pros

There are some pros of having a cold plunge pool which is even useful for your health. Coldwater in the plunge pool can help your muscles to relax. 

Furthermore, it also helps your body to stimulate and release hormones that are useful for healing properties. Moreover, it can keep your blood at normal pressure.

Apart from those health benefits, a cold plunge pool also has other awesome benefits. First, a plunge pool only needs a smaller space compared to a traditional pool. 

Therefore, it is suitable for people who do not have a big yard or space. Since it is smaller, it also costs cheaper and more affordable, so you will save more money.

Another interesting pros of having a cold plunge pool is that you can use it as a spa too. Besides, it also has fewer chemicals, so it is safer for your health. Additionally, it is easier and faster to clean, since the plunge pool is smaller.

Cold plunge pool cons

Although a cold plunge pool has several pros, it still has some cons. First, since its size is smaller than a traditional pool, it only fits fewer people. Commonly, it is limited to only four up to five people. 

Besides, you can not dive in or swim as much as you want since the space is limited. Furthermore, you can not have a pool party in your plunge pool because it only fits fewer people.

Cold plunge pool maintenance

In terms of maintenance, the plunge pool does not cost much. The cost of its maintenance is cheaper than the traditional pool. 

The plunge pool only needs around 1.000 gallons of water while the traditional swimming pool needs more than 24.000 gallons of water, so the plunge pool is way cheaper than the traditional one.

Furthermore, the plunge pool is easier to clean, if the construction of the plunge pool is from fiberglass. Besides, a plunge pool with wood materials can maintain the temperature of the cold plunge pool longer, so it does not need much electricity as well as cost less in maintenance. 

The cold plunge pool also can easily clean by using three cleaning steps, which are chemistry, cleaning, and circulation.

Well, that’s the explanation about everything that you need to know about the cold plunge pool, like its pros and cons, and many others. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy it!