Everything You Need to Know About Backyard Plunge Pool

Everything You Need to Know About Backyard Plunge Pool

A backyard plunge pool is a complete solution for those who don’t have a huge yard at their home but want to have private swimming pools for the family. By having a plunge pool, all family members can cool down it in sweltering climates.

Backyard Plunge Pool Definitions

A backyard plunge pool is a perfect solution for those who cannot install a traditional swimming pool because of a lack of space at their home. A plunge pool offers all the advantages of a pool in a smaller space. The size of the common plunge pool is just relatively bigger than a hot tub, and it is mostly used as a place for lounging and wading.

Backyard Dipping Pool

A plunge pool is also known as a dipping pool. The two terms indicate a pool designed as a place mostly for the lounge since its size makes it impossible for people to swim in it. This type of pool is very suitable to be used as a private space for your family to play and relax.

You can enjoy yourself in the water or even use a dipping pool as a massage pool by installing jets in the seating space like a Jacuzzi. Although the dipping pool only has a small water area, it can be used for low–impact aquatic exercise.

Backyard Plunge Pool Ideas

The size of common plunge pools is between two to three meters wide, four to seven meters in length, and the deep is only about 1,2 meters. Its smaller size makes the plunge pool installed in the area in which the traditional pool cannot fit. You can install a plunge pool in an enclosed area and tuck it in by a fence or wall.

Asian or oriental theme with cool and sharp edges in the backyard can be your perfect spot to lounge. Otherwise, a plunge pool can be installed on an upper story.

Backyard Plunge Pool Cost

Although the cost to construct a backyard plunge pool is relatively cheaper than a traditional swimming pool, it still costs a significant amount of money. You have to consider the expense to purchase construction material and dug the area.

Backyard Plunge Pool Installation

The installation of a plunge pool is basically just the same as installing a traditional swimming pool but with a smaller size. Most of the plunge pool is installed in-ground, although several plunge pool models are installed above ground. The plunge pool, which is installed above–ground, will use fiberglass resin and concrete models.

However, plunge pools will use similar pumps and filters, just like traditional swimming pools with larger sizes.

Backyard Plunge Pool Pros

1. It Requires Small Area

One of the main reasons people prefer a plunge pool over a traditional swimming pool is its space requirements. Installing a plunge pool doesn’t need much larger areas. Therefore, a plunge pool can be easily installed in a limited space. Most plunge pools are being installed alongside the deck or patio. They can also be installed by tucking them away by a fence or wall.

2. Less Effort to Clean

The smaller size of the plunge pool also brings more advantages for the owner. Taking care of and maintaining a plunge pool doesn’t need much effort. You can even clean the pool by yourself.

3. Lower Ongoing Cost

It is effortless to maintain a plunge pool. The amount of water needed for the pool is less than the water needed for a traditional swimming pool. Moreover, the cost of heaters, pumps, and filters is also lower.

4. Cheaper Installation

Installation of a plunge pool costs less money than building a traditional swimming pool since it only needs a lesser area to be dug and cleared. The materials needed to construct the pool are also lower. 

Backyard Plunge Pool Cons

1. Limited Activities Can Be Done

The smaller size of the pool means there are only limited aquatic activities that can be done there. Most backyard plunge pools are only used as a place for lounges and fewer aquatic exercises. Adults cannot use the plunge pool as a place to swim.

2. Only Fewer People Can Fit in the Plunge Pool

Since the size is relatively small, most plunge pools only fit four adults at the same time. Therefore, this type of pool is not suitable for hosting pool parties.

Backyard Plunge Pool Maintenance

Since the plunge pool size is smaller, maintaining a plunge pool is not very difficult to do. You can maintain a plunge pool on a small budget and with minimum effort. To keep the water stays clean, you only need fewer chemicals since the pool size is smaller than a traditional swimming pool.

To keep the pool cleans, you can use a manual vacuum to clean the debris inside the pool. If there is any junk or leaves inside the pool, you can use a scoop net to clean them.

Dipping pools or plunge pools are mainly used for two purposes, relaxation and aquatic rehabilitation. This type of pool is quite popular mostly in Australia and Europe and has become better–known in the U.S.