Australian Pine Root

Is Australian Pine Root Good For Aquarium

Australian Pine Root Driftwood is a material that you can use to enhance the appearance of the aquarium.

However, some of you may have doubts about using it.

The reason is, is this driftwood safe to use in your aquarium?

Will using it, will it affect the living things in the related aquarium?

To answer all these questions, I will describe the pros and cons of the Australian pine Root Driftwood.

Pros for aquarium

So that you get the proper enlightenment, we will discuss the advantages of this Australian Pine Root Driftwood are. Some of them are as follows:

  • The first benefit is to help soften the water in the aquarium you have.
  • From here, the fish in it will be able to feel comfortable and also calm.
  • The reason is, the quality of the water itself will also affect whether the fish in it will be able to survive in it for a long time or not.
  • What is clear, with the presence of this one material, the appearance of the aquarium you have will be more beautiful.
  • Australian Pine Root Driftwood can significantly increase the aesthetic value of your aquarium.
  • In addition, the material will also be able to help keep the fish in the aquarium healthy.
  • Some researchers also revealed that this type of driftwood would maintain the fish’s immune system to remain resistant to diseases that come from viruses, bacteria, and germs.

Cons for aquarium

Although there are benefits that can be obtained from this Australian Pine Root Driftwood, of course, you have to understand that there are some cons that you will also find; here for more details:

  • The first cons are that your fish can be affected by the sap remaining or contained in the wood.
  • If the quantity of sap is too much, of course, this will negatively impact the water ecosystem.
  • The following cons are if the Australian Pine Root Driftwood is of poor quality, then this will make the water in the aquarium quickly turn cloudy.
  • This is what will make the fish in it feel uncomfortable and stress quickly.

Where it came from

Is it an Australian wood for aquariums?

Be wondering where did the Australian Pine Root Driftwood come from?

This wood comes from the remains of trees or shrubs, which are then carried to lakes, rivers, and seas.

Eventually, the wood will lose its bark due to some significant effects such as wind waves, tides, decay, etc.