Swim Spa Plunge Pools

All About Swim Spa Plunge Pools You Need To Know

In the past articles, we knew that plunge pools’ sizes are small and their maintenance needs are lower than any other pool type. 

Plunge pools also serve different purposes, including spa purposes. Even swimming is possible for some types of plunge pools.

Both of the swimming and spa purposes are essential for either cooling off ourselves in winter or summer days, or, for therapeutic means. They can also be done by ourselves or with a small group of people, depending on the pool sizes and their dimensions.

In this article, we’re going to learn all about swim spa plunge pools. First, we’ll see the definition that makes them different from other plunge pools:

Swim Spa Plunge Pool Used For

Due to their main purposes for swimming and therapeutic activities such as spa baths, swim spa plunge pools are always equipped with high numbers of massaging jets.

Most of the swim spa pools are rectangular in shape. They are almost always built in-ground, even though some of the swim spa pools are built above the ground. Decks are not usually found in these types of plunge pools.

Why Choose Swim Spa Plunge Pools For Your Houses?

If pool decks increase the plunge pools’ safety levels, and the swim spa pools don’t usually use pool decks, the question is: Why then you should choose them?

Their specific purposes for swimming and spa activities are not the only reasons for choosing these plunge pool types. Ample seatings are provided in these plunge pool types, so your swimming and spa experiences will be safe even without the pool decks.

Besides, you can customize the pools with spa jets, underwater lightings, heating systems, and many more to match the stylish and symmetrical basic pool designs.

The Different Designs Of Swim Spa Plunge Pools

Even though almost all swim spa pools have the same rectangular shapes, the overall designs can be some of the most creative and innovative in their class. The pool designs range from the modern classic styles to the more customizable styles, such as slimline styles.

The designs of the swim spa pools are even more beautiful when placed in courtyards by adding surrounding plants around the pools. Depending on how you style the tiles, the swim spa pools also look sharp when modeled in the infinity pool style. 

There is even a possibility that the swim spa pools’ designs can be a combination of two or more pool designs.

The Costs For Swim Spa Plunge Pools

Despite their unique abilities to serve their purposes, swim spa pools are some of the cheapest types of plunge pools. You can save around $500-$2,000 just for the basic pools.

In addition, if you DIY the processes, from the pool excavation to the plastering and re-plastering of the pools, you can also save great amounts of labor costs. For example, the fencing costs alone can cost around $5,000. So, if you DIY the fences, you can save those.

The basic swim spa plunge pools’ costs start from $16,490. Those are the pools that can contain 2 people at most. 

So, if you’re going to use the plunge pools for group therapy activities containing more than 2 people in a group, you’re going to spend at least $18,000-$28,500 on the basic pools.

The Pros Of Swim Spa Plunge Pools

Swim spa pools’ strong points don’t stop in being the most suitable plunge pools for swimming and spa purposes. The presence of the jets is more than other types of plunge pools, which permit soothing aches and pains more than any other plunge pool type.

These types of plunge pools are also greatly compatible for children and adults with disabilities, including but not limited to people using wheelchairs, even if the plunge pools don’t have decks to place the wheelchairs or other movement-aiding tools.

Swim spa pools are also the types of plunge pools that don’t require too much heatings. As a result, you won’t get billed more in your electrical bills when you’re using your swim spa pools.

The Cons Of Swim Spa Plunge Pools

Swim spa pools’ basic rectangular shapes can be boring for some people, especially those who want newer touches for their plunge pools.

Not stopping there, rectangular-shaped plunge pools also tend to not be too deep, which can be dangerous for feet to accidentally knock into the tiles’ surfaces. This makes fencing a necessary process for swim spa-type plunge pools.

The swim spa pools also require using more chemical substances compared to other types of plunge pools. Apart from providing water, salt, and other chemical substances, you should also prepare yourself with exclusive cleaning systems such as Ionizer, Nature 2, and Ozone System.

Which One Is Better:
Swim Spa Pools Or Regular Swimming Pools?

Swim spa pools’ small sizes make them better choices than regular swimming pools, especially in areas with small blocks on the land and when you’re going to have in-depth sessions in your group or individual activities. 

If your activities primarily include plunging into the pools, then, swim spa pools are your best choices.

On the other hand, as swim spa pools always include massaging jets, they are not suitable for serious, competitive swimmers. 

This is because the jets in swim spa pools don’t permit realistic ideas of your swimming times and how you progress through your swimming activities. So, if you’re swimming to win, regular swimming pools are for you.

Finally, you don’t only learn all about the definition, strengths, and weaknesses from plunge pools which main purposes are for individual and group swimming and spa purposes.

Nor that you only learn the reasons for choosing those plunge pool types for your houses or the costs that you should pay if you want to install swim spa pools for your houses. 

Instead, now you also know that these swim spa pools can rival those of the regular swimming pools in terms of qualities.

Now, the decision is in you to choose to have swim spa plunge pools in your houses or not.