Senggani Wood Driftwood

The Characteristic and Advantage of Using Senggani Wood Driftwood

Senggani wood driftwood is one type of driftwood that is quite popular for aquascape and aquarium environments.

Most aquarium hobbyists will feature Senggani driftwood to resemble a tree in a natural environment such as a forest or riverbank.

The existence of driftwood in an aquarium environment will serve several functions.

The Characteristic of Senggani Wood Driftwood

Senggani roots can mostly be found on shrubs, rivers, mountain slopes, and cliffs.

The size of Senggani wood is minor than Rosmala wood which is served as aquarium driftwood either.

The part of Senggani wood which used mainly by aquarium hobbyists is its roots.

Senggani wood roots have a dark brown color and are not as bright as Rosmala wood.

In terms of strength and durability, Senggani wood rots quite slowly.

It can last up to twelve months in aquarium or aquascape water.

However, Senggani wood’s durability depends on its shape and size.

The Purpose of Using Driftwood in Aquarium

The existence of driftwood in an aquarium serves many functions, instead of as a decoration only.

Here are some essential advantages of using aquarium driftwood.

1. Aquarium Driftwood Provides a Food Source

Aquarium driftwood provides a good food source that is very beneficial for some species of catfish.

Those fish will eat small amounts of driftwood which provides nutrients such as cellulose and lignin.

Cellulose and lignin are essential nutrients to improve digestion for certain fish.

2. Alter Water Chemistry

Driftwood in an aquarium can change water chemistry, which can be bad or good depending on the species of fish inside the tank.

Several types of driftwood can lower the water’s pH, which is good if you have fish from the Amazon river.

However, some fish, such as Rift Valley cichlids, are not used to water with a low pH.

3. Give Aesthetic Benefits

Another advantage of feature Senggani wood in an aquarium is it will give aesthetic benefits.

Aquarium driftwood will provide a well resemble riverbank and natural environments.


Senggani wood has some characteristics which make it suitable as aquarium driftwood.

  • Senggani wood rots quite slowly
  • It serves a lot of functions in an aquarium, such as a food source, alters water chemistry, and give aesthetic benefits
  • Senggani wood has beautiful color and is suitable to assemble as a tree in the aquarium

Senggani wood driftwood serves a lot of functions in the aquarium environment.

It can give aesthetic benefits as well as a food source for some species of catfish.