Ribbon Wood Driftwood

How to Add Ribbon Wood Driftwood for Your Aquarium

If you have an aquarium, you can add some driftwood to add an artistic quality to your fish environment.

This article will discuss the Type of driftwood called Ribbon Wood driftwood and the benefits of having one in your aquarium.

Let’s get into it.

What Are the Benefits of Having Driftwood In Your Fish Tanks?

There are numerous advantages you can get when you add driftwood to your aquarium; here are few benefits you can get:

  • Particular types of driftwood can help to soften your aquarium water.
  • Driftwood can make your tank more beautiful. Maybe this is the obvious benefit of having driftwood in your aquarium. The appearance can become quite pretty with driftwood in it.
  • Besides making your fish tank look lovely, driftwood also contains a substance called tannins that come from the wood to help strengthen your fish’s immune systems.

Ribbon Wood Driftwood

Now that you have learned about some benefits of having driftwood in your aquarium, you can use a type of driftwood called Ribbon Wood.

Ribbonwood wood is a good choice if you happen to have a small fish tank or aquarium at your home that you intend to add some décor a little bit.

Because of its darker color, you need to cure it often. You will find out how to fix driftwood soon after reading this post.

Ribbon Wood driftwood is suitable for smaller fish tanks and river-style aquariums.

Ribbon Wood goes well with lighter material. It has a textured finish and beautiful curves.

Due to its dark color also works well to contrast with some plants such as anubias and java fern.

How to Cure Ribbon Wood driftwood

Although most driftwood will stay sunk underwater, some driftwood will become somewhat afloat until it becomes fully dripping wet and waterlogged.

You can bathe the driftwood using a big bucket until it got soaked as long as possible.

You also need to ensure that the entire wood is completely underwater for at least one or two weeks.

Soaking Ribbon Wood driftwood will dissolve excess tannins substance that can discolor and darken aquarium water.

The water discoloration caused by tannins will not affect your fish, but it will gradually lower the pH substance.

In summary

In conclusion, here are the things we have learned so far:

  • Ribbon Wood Driftwood is an excellent choice for smaller aquariums.
  • Due to its darker nature, you need to cure it frequently.