Rambutan Wood Driftwood

Prepare Rambutan Wood Driftwood for Aquascaping

For a bigger aquarium, adding larger driftwood would be the best idea.

It would be able to fill the space perfectly.

Rambutan wood driftwood is an example of large size driftwood commonly used in aquascaping artistry.

It is crucial to prepare the wood well before using it.

How to Prepare Rambutan Wood for Aquarium Placement

A good prepping process is going to ensure that your driftwood will perform the way it should be.

Despite being cheap driftwood, Rambutan wood can be as good as other more expensive driftwood pieces.

Here are the recommended techniques to prepare it:

  1. Cleaning the Wood Surface

The wood surface needs to be cleaned before use.

Because rambutan lives in the open air, dirt and other large particles might attach themselves to its surface.

The first thing to do is scrubbing the surface with a soft brush under running water.

People should not use detergent or other cleaning liquids to do this task.

The pores on the wood’s surface may absorb those dangerous chemicals.

You should only purchase Rambutan wood driftwood that is untreated.

  1. Pre-soaking or Boiling

For a large piece of driftwood, users should pre-soak it for 7 to 14 days before placing it in the aquarium. Soaking will encourage the release of tannin.

Additionally, it will fill the wood’s pores with water to become heavier and sink in the water.

For a smaller piece of wood, boiling is a recommended activity.

It is because most people will have an easier time finding a boiling vessel for a small piece of wood.

Boiling is also an express process so that it is more effective when applied to a smaller piece.

  1. Adding Underwater Plants

Another way to prepare the driftwood for long life in the aquatic scape is to add underwater plants.

You can attach the plants using fishing rope or even small wires.

Over time, the plants will grow and enrich the underwater ecosystem.

  1. Placing the Wood

It is essential to place the Rambutan wood driftwood at an appropriate spot.

The spot should have a good water current.

This will prevent dirt from piling up in its base and branches.

The dirt pile may cause the wood to rot quicker. It will turn the water murky as well.

For details, you can read how to clean driftwood for aquariums properly.

In Summary

Here is how you should prepare your wood:

  • Making sure that Rabutan driftwood is clean from dirt and chemicals.
  • Soaking or boiling it depending on the size of the driftwood.
  • Introducing underwater plants to the driftwood piece.
  • Paying attention to the wood placement.

By exercising those four techniques, you will benefit from using Rambutan wood driftwood in your underwater scene.

Even a cheap piece of wood will be able to beautify your aquarium.