Horn Wood Driftwood

3 Functions of Horn Wood Driftwood in a Fish Tank

Lately, aquascape or fish tank has become relatively more popular than before. This, of course, brings good news to those who sell everything related to it, including driftwood.

However, many people still wonder about what driftwood, including the famous Hornwood root driftwood, is suitable for in a fish tank.

If you’re someone who has the same thought, then here are 3 functions of driftwood in a fish tank.


First and foremost, the function of driftwood is, of course, for aesthetics.

One of the main reasons someone wants a fish tank is because he/she wants to decorate his/her place and have driftwood, especially Horn wood root driftwood, in the fish tank can make it even better.

It’s because by having the driftwood in the fish tank, the fish tank can look more like a real riverbank.

Just imagine, you can have your personal riverbank that can soothe your mind in your house or workplace if you have a fish tank with driftwood in it. so that you don’t have to go to a river that often anymore.

Isn’t that amazing?

Hiding Place for Fish

Having a fish tank without good fish is like having a house with useless furniture.

Just imagine how frustrating it is if you have a house, but you don’t have a bed to sleep in.

That is a similar case with driftwood in a fish tank.

Fish is a creature that needs to be healthy psychologically to look bright.

In this case, fish needs to have a hiding place sometimes to be able to feel secure.

This is where driftwood, including Horn wood root driftwood, does the job.

The driftwood can provide a hiding place for fish because, in nature, fish likes to hide in driftwood.

Basically treating horn wood is similar to any driftwood for aquariums and you need to learn how to clean driftwood properly.


The following function of driftwood in a fish tank is to make fish healthier.

In this part, you may want to know how driftwood, including Horn wood root driftwood, can make fish healthier in the fish tank.

Driftwood can produce beneficial bacteria that can break down the by-products of fish so that the fish don’t have to worry about having to swim along with its products that can harm their health anymore.

Horn Wood Characteristics

  • Horn woods are not very branched, it is recommended to combine some of them to make an attractive aquascape design
  • Horn driftwood has thick branch, twisted and bold aquascaping ideas
  • Perfect for natural and any aquatic landscaping
  • Horn Wood has visual attractiveness
  • to get tannins out of Horn wood completely are impossible even by boiling the wood
  • It’s a heavy wood and easy to sink


There are three functions of driftwood in a fish tank, including:

  • Aesthetics
  • Hiding Place for Fish
  • Health

Those are the three functions of driftwood in a fish tank. We hope that information can encourage you to have driftwood in your fish tank.