Guava Wood Root Driftwood

3 Reasons Why Guava Wood Root Driftwood is Expensive

It cannot be denied that driftwood, including the famous guava wood root driftwood usually used for fish tank decoration, does not come at low prices.

This may make some people curious because driftwood is not made, but it’s gathered from nature.

So, if you’re one of the people who are curious about why driftwood that is ready to use as ornaments can be so expensive, here are the three reasons why driftwood is so costly.

  • Supply and Demand Law

As you have learned in economics class, the basic rule of a product is the supply and demand law.

So, the first reason why driftwood, especially guava wood root driftwood, can be so expensive is that there are many demands on it.

Since there are many demands for driftwood, but the supply is limited because driftwood is not made, then it’s no wonder that the price is so high.

If no one wants driftwood to decorate their fish tank or other places, then the price will not be so high, and there will even be no one who sells it.

However, the fact is different, and many people like decorating their fish tanks and other places with driftwood, thus making the price of ready-to-use driftwood so expensive.

  • Shipping Costs

As mentioned earlier, driftwood, such as guava wood root driftwood, is not made, but it’s gathered from nature.

So, it makes people unable to build a driftwood factory anywhere they like.

They may build a workshop for it anywhere they like, but the raw material will still need to be transported there.

That alone makes only certain places can produce nice driftwood for decorations. Besides that, the size and shape of driftwood is random and not boxy.

Its branches can stretch from one position to another, and in the shipping industry, shipping costs are determined by a box size with a specific length x width x height.

So, although the driftwood doesn’t fill the box at all, it’s the size of the box that is calculated for the cost.

In addition to that, driftwood can also be quite heavy, and of course, heavier goods mean higher shipping costs.

  • Cost for Preparing Driftwood

Although driftwood is gathered from nature, it’s not beautiful and artistic to be used for decorations when it was first collected from nature.

So, to be ready to be used as decorations, driftwood, especially guava wood root driftwood, has to go through a long labor process.

Guava Driftwood has to be cleaned, bleached, and polished until it becomes a masterpiece sold at a high price.


There are three reasons why driftwood is expensive:

– Supply and Demand

– Shipping Cost

– Preparation Cost

Those are the three reasons why driftwood is expensive. We hope that this information can help you in understanding the phenomena of the high price of driftwood.