Cryptocoryne Undulata Red: The Complete Care and Propagation Guide

Cryptocoryne Undulata Red is a stunning aquarium plant that can add color and interesting texture to any aquatic setup. With its reddish-brown hues and green undertones, this plant is visually appealing and serves as a sanctuary for shy fish that like to lurk among leaves.

This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about Cryptocoryne Undulata Red – from its origins and attributes to care, propagation, and sourcing tips. You’ll be ready to add this beauty to your aquarium by the end!

Cryptocoryne Undulata Red

An Overview of Cryptocoryne Undulata Red

Cryptocoryne Undulata Red hails from the Cryptocoryne genus and is native to the tropical waters of Southeast Asia. It is an undemanding plant that is a great choice for aquarists of all skill levels, even beginners new to the aquascaping hobby.

Here are some quick stats on this plant:

  • Size: Grows to a height of 5-7 inches
  • Ideal Placement: Midground or foreground of the aquarium
  • Color: Reddish-brown with green undertones
  • Care Level: Minimal
  • Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons

The red pigmentation is the most striking characteristic of this plant. But what makes the leaves turn this beautiful hue?

What Makes Cryptocoryne Undulata Red So Red?

The secret behind the intense red coloration lies in the right balance of light. To achieve the deep reddish-brown tones, the plant needs a medium brightness level for 3-4 hours daily.

Too little light will produce a mostly green plant, while excessive light can bleach out the red pigment. By providing the optimum intensity and duration of light exposure, you can enhance the exotic coloring of this aquatic beauty.

Size and Growth Potential

Cryptocoryne Undulata Red is a relatively small plant, reaching a height of just 5-7 inches. This makes it well-suited for midground or foreground placement in nano aquariums and regular planted tanks.

The compact size also means it won’t overshadow other plants or take over your entire aquascape. With the right trimming, you can maintain your aquarium layout’s ideal shape and size.

Step-By-Step Guide to Planting Cryptocoryne Undulata Red

Planting Cryptocoryne Undulata Red properly ensures the plant establishes itself and thrives in your aquarium. Follow these steps for flawless planting:

Preparing the Plant

Before planting, thoroughly rinse the roots under running water to remove debris. Gently loosen up the root system to encourage faster spreading once planted.

Trim away any dead or dying leaves with sterilized scissors. This encourages new leaf growth.

Treating with Pesticide

Soak the plant in a mild organic pesticide solution for 15-20 minutes. This kills any potential snails, algae or parasites lurking on the leaves or roots.

Rinse thoroughly after the treatment to remove all traces of pesticide.

Choosing the Right Spot

Select a suitable spot in the midground or foreground sections of your aquascape. The area should receive medium light but not be too overexposed.

Use aquascaping tongs to create a hole about 2-3 inches deep for the roots.


Hold the plant with one hand and use the other hand to lower it into the planting hole gently. Make sure the rhizome is just above the substrate.

Push the roots down into the hole and cover them up with substrate, exposing the crown. Plant individual stems at least 2-3 inches apart for proper spreading.

Post-Planting Care

Gently pour water over the planted area to remove any trapped air pockets. Provide ample lighting of medium intensity for 3-4 hours daily.

Do weekly water changes and supplement with an all-purpose fertilizer to encourage lush growth. Trim when required to maintain shape.

Cryptocoryne Undulata Red Growth Height

As mentioned earlier, Cryptocoryne Undulata Red typically reaches 5-7 inches when provided with the right environment and care.

Here are some factors that affect its vertical growth:

  • Lighting: Insufficient lighting can restrict growth. Ensure medium light of 3000-5000K color temperature for 3-4 hours daily.
  • Nutrients: Lack of macro and micronutrients will stunt growth. Use an all-purpose fertilizer weekly.
  • CO2: Additional CO2 along with fertilization boosts growth. Consider CO2 injection if growth is slow.
  • Trimming: Regular trimming encourages thicker, bushier growth at an optimal height.
  • Substrate: A nutrient-rich substrate supports extensive root development for healthier plants.

With diligent care, you can enjoy the bright red tones of compact 5-7 inch tall Cryptocoryne Undulata Red specimens in your aquascape.

Cryptocoryne Undulata Red vs. Cryptocoryne Wendtii: Key Differences

Cryptocoryne Wendtii is another popular aquatic plant often compared to Cryptocoryne Undulata Red. But there are some notable differences between the two, as highlighted in this comparison table:

FeatureCryptocoryne Undulata RedCryptocoryne Wendtii
Size5-7 inches4-6 inches
ColorReddish-brownGreen to brown
Care LevelMinimalModerate
Growth RateSlowModerate

As you can see, Undulata Red stays shorter, exhibits intense red hues, and requires less care compared to Cryptocoryne Wendtii. Both plants are excellent choices, so pick the one that matches your aquascape goals and skill level.

How to Propagate Cryptocoryne Undulata Red

Propagating Cryptocoryne Undulata Red is a relatively straightforward process. Follow these steps for successful propagation:

Select a Healthy Mother Plant

Choose a vibrant mother plant that is at least 6 months old. Pick one that has sent out several side shoots and runners.

Snip the Runners

Use sterilized scissors to snip off the side shoots and runners as close to the mother plant as possible. Make sure each cutting has 2-3 leaves.

Plant the Runners

Plant each runner cutting individually in the substrate, spaced 2-3 inches apart. Bury just the bottom part, keeping the leaves above the substrate.

Provide Good Growing Conditions

The propagated plants will establish faster with ample fertilization, light, CO2, and nutrients. Maintain optimal aquarium conditions.

Wait for Plantlet Formation

In 4-6 weeks, small plantlets will begin emerging from the buried node of each cutting. Allow them to grow into mature plants.

This straightforward approach lets you populate your aquarium with beautiful Undulata Red specimens propagated from a single acquired plant!

Where to Buy Cryptocoryne Undulata Red

Cryptocoryne Undulata Red is easily available both online and offline at:

  • Local fish stores – Check stores specializing in aquarium plants and fish.
  • Nurseries – Many nurseries sell popular aquarium plants like Cryptocorynes.
  • Online stores – Reputable online sellers like have Undulata Red in stock.
  • Fellow hobbyists – You can buy starter plants via aquarium hobby forums and groups.

When sourcing Undulata Red, look for plants with healthy leaves and well-developed root systems. Avoid any plants covered in algae or with signs of decay.

Caring for Your Cryptocoryne Undulata Red

Cryptocoryne Undulata Red is an undemanding plant that doesn’t require intense care. Here are some tips to keep it thriving:

  • Lighting – Provide medium intensity lighting of 3000-5000K color temperature for 3-4 hours daily.
  • Substrate – Use a nutrient-rich substrate with added root tabs for extensive root development.
  • Fertilization – Dose a liquid all-purpose fertilizer weekly to nourish plant growth.
  • CO2 – Supplemental CO2 encourages faster growth but is not strictly essential.
  • Water Parameters – Ideal parameters are 72-82°F temperature, pH 6-7.5, 4-10 dKH, and a soft to medium water hardness.
  • Pruning – Trim dead or damaged leaves at the base. Prune regularly to maintain compact growth.

With its undemanding nature, Cryptocoryne Undulata Red is a pleasure to care for! Just provide good water quality and nutrients to enjoy its beauty.

Other Notable Cryptocoryne Variants

Along with Undulata Red, several other beautiful and popular Cryptocoryne variants are worth considering for your aquarium. Let’s look at two of the best:

Cryptocoryne Albida Red

  • Has striking red leaves with green veins
  • Grows up to 6 inches tall
  • Requires low to moderate care
  • Does well in low tech setups
  • Propagates through runners like Undulata Red

Cryptocoryne Undulata Green

  • Exhibits olive-green wavy leaves
  • Only reaches 3-5 inches in height
  • Very easy to care for
  • Can thrive in low light aquariums
  • Propagates via rhizome division

Albida Red and Undulata Green offer unique leaf textures, shapes, and colors. Mix it up by combining Cryptocorynes to create a lush, vibrant aquascape.

Lighting Needs of Cryptocoryne Undulata Red

Lighting is crucial for bringing out the intense red hues of Cryptocoryne Undulata Red. Here are some key light requirements:

  • Intensity – Medium brightness is ideal. Too much light will bleach leaves.
  • Duration – Requires approximately 3-4 hours of exposure daily.
  • Color temperature – Slightly cool white light of 5000-7000K accentuates the redness.
  • Type of light – LED aquarium lights are recommended for precise control.

By tuning the intensity, duration, and color temperature of light, you can achieve that perfect reddish-brown coloration in Undulata Red. Play around to find the balance that brings out the richest hues.

Wrapping Up

With its exotic colors and minimal care needs, Cryptocoryne Undulata Red makes a fantastic addition to planted aquariums. Follow the growing tips and propagate this beauty to add pops of red across your underwater layout.

Cryptocorynes offer virtually unlimited aquascaping potential. Mix various species with complementary shapes, textures, and colors to craft a spectacular underwater garden.

So get your hands on some Undulata Red and explore the creative possibilities of this mesmerizing aquatic plant. Happy fishkeeping!