Barrel Plunge Pools

All About Barrel Plunge Pools You Need To Know

The bathtubs are some types of plunge pools that you can have for your houses.

Barrel plunge pools function as bathtubs for spa and cool-off purposes, such as immersing oneself in the water or doing ice baths.

First, we’ll look at the definition of the barrel plunge pools:

Barrel Plunge Pool Definitions

True to their names, the barrel plunge pools are the plunge pools in which the designs are inspired by the gigantic wine and whiskey barrels in Europe. 

As a result, these plunge pool types are always tube-shaped. These plunge pool types are usually made from wood.

Wooden Barrel Plunge Pool

Plunge pool types which the wine and whiskey barrels inspire designs are made from wooden materials, even though those materials may not be the strongest materials for plunge pools.

Not only will the plunge pools resemble the wine and whiskey barrels more, but some of the wooden materials are, in fact, able to sustain the hot and cold of the inside water’s temperature. 

Oak and cedar are two of the most common types of barreled plunge pools.

Oak Barrel Plunge Pool

As one of the most versatile wooden species to be applied in the houses’ accessories and amenities, it’s also possible for oak woods to be applied in the barrel forms of the plunge pools.

Plunge pools that are barreled in shape and have oak woods as the main materials tend to be strong, durable, and high in quality. All of these plunge pools come with a fitted lifted-off lid to ensure the safety of the water in them.

In addition, these barreled plunge pools made from oak woods are also more suitable for ice bathing. 

So, these types of plunge pools are popular in extreme event training and sports recovery.

Cedar Plunge Pool

If you want barreled plunge pools that can function as hot tubs, look no further than cedar plunge pools. 

Even though cedar plunge pools can also function as tools for cold plunge therapies, many of those plunge pools are decent plunge pools for creating Japanese Ofuro-style bathing experiences.

Their height and width dimensions are also a lot larger than plunge pools made from oak woods. 

Not to forget that their heating tools have more variations than the barreled plunge pools made from oak woods. 

So, they can accommodate larger numbers of people plunging inside the pools.

Barrel Plunge Pool Cost

Small barrel plunge pools usually cost around $10,000-$50,000, with an average cost of $20,000. 

Keep in mind that there are also costs for labor and additional materials, in which the ranges can be between $1,000 to the whopping amount of $40,000.

Barrel Plunge Pool Pros

Barreled plunge pools are versatile in that there are plunge pools for individual uses and group uses. 

The oak barrel plunge pools are great for individual uses because of the manageable sizes, while the cedar ones are great for around 2-10 people inside them.

Many people use barreled plunge pools for different purposes, such as cold plunge therapy, full body massage, Japanese Ofuro baths, ice baths, and many others more. 

These, along with the many types of heaters and jets they have, make barreled plunge pools one of the most customizable plunge pool types in their class.

Barrel Plunge Pool Cons

As with other types of plunge pools, barreled plunge pools also come with cons that you should consider. One of them is tied to their customizable characteristics.

Because they’re so customizable, the many choices of the accessories can be complex for some buyers. 

After all, the settings of the water kits, mineral ionizer, insulated floors, and many more can be difficult and costly. Even the heater types are some of the most expensive in their class.

In summary, barrel plunge pools are usually made from wooden materials, such as oak and cedar. 

They also come with costs, pros, and cons that make them different from any other plunge pool.

The next article will be all about courtyard plunge pools. The definition, pros, and cons are three main points we’re going to cover, along with other points that will aid you in choosing plunge pools for your house.